Writing Out Loud: Modernity and Self-Identity

In this reading, Giddens is concerned about the challenges of living in a modern world for our senses of self. As you read, please consider the following questions:

Theme: Rise of the Avatar


  1. According to Giddens, living in the age of modernity presents several dilemmas related to sense of self. How would you describe the dilemma of unification vs. fragmentation?
  2. In the dilemma of powerlessness vs. appropriation what is the main distinction between authority in modern versus pre-modern times? How does Giddens’ perspective on powerlessness in modern society differ from most others who write on this topic?
  3. How would you describe the dilemma of unification versus fragmentation? How, according to Giddens, does fragmentation of modernity along large scale systems impact personal experiences and interactions?
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