Additional Readings

In addition to the 38 extensive readings reproduced in Social Theory Re-Wired, we also include nearly a dozen full-text excerpts from additional theoretical works that instructors may wish to assign, including work from Theodor Adorno, Anthony Giddens, Donna Haraway, Patricia Hill Collins, Michel Foucault, Georg Simmel, and others.

As an instructor using our text and during its use as your required course reading, you have permission from our publisher (Routledge) to make any of these readings also available to your students on your school’s course management system, assuming access to your course materials is password protected.

Douglas, Mary. 1996[1970]. “Away From Ritual.”
Ps. 1-20 in Natural Symbols.
This chapter introduces her ideas on “group” commitments and “grid” regulations. Consider pairing with Durkheim’s Elementary Forms.
Foucault, Michel. 2001. “The Great Confinement.”
Ps. 35-60 in Madness and Civilization.
This chapter from Foucault’s first major book explores the institutions through which the mad, as well as others along society’s margins, were confined in eighteenth century Europe.